How to create an Exodus wallet on iPhone?

Initially released in 2015, Exodus wallet came with the purpose to help all the crypto traders out there to ensure the safety of the crypto funds that they have. No matter how small the number of crypto assets in your possession, you should always take necessary measures to safeguard those crypto assets. If you also have some crypto assets or planning to buy some in the near future, then you should give heed to safeguarding them in a safe crypto wallet such as the exodus wallet.

This wallet not only works on a desktop but works on a smartphone as well. That being said, now I would like to come back to the major concern that is raised by a lot of users i.e. how to create exodus wallet on iPhone.

So, if you wish to know the answer to the same question, then I would suggest you stay tuned and follow the given details till the last.

Creating an exodus wallet on an iPhone

  1. Get the exodus wallet app- well, there are two different ways through which you can get this wallet on your iPhone. You can either navigate to the Apple app store to get the exodus wallet app installed. Or, you can also go to the website, select the "Download" button and then select the "Get on the App Store" icon.
  2. Set up the wallet- after installing the app, you need to open it and then select the "Get Started" button. Now, you need to back up the 12 words' secret recovery phrase in the exact same manner the way it is shown to you on your screen. After that, you need to create a strong password for this wallet, and hurrah you have successfully created your wallet. 
  3. Fund your wallet- after setting up your wallet, you can start to add funds to it for their safe storage. That's all!

In case you have already set up a wallet on your desktop and you wish to use the same on your iPhone, then also doing this is possible. Want to know how? I'm going to give a brief glimpse of the same. First of all, you need to make sure that you download the exodus wallet file on your device. Followed by this, you can select the "I already have a wallet" option. This shall open the scanner on your phone which you can use to scan the QR code of your exodus wallet given on your desktop. Now, you will see that the wallet has been synced, and now you can use it on your iPhone as well.


I hope this article has given a clear explanation of the query i.e. How to create Exodus wallet on iPhone? Hence, if you have understood the whole procedure carefully, then you can start applying the given steps in the exact same manner as I have mentioned in this article. If you do not know how to use this wallet, then I suggest you go to the official exodus wallet website, navigate to the "FAQs" section, and there you will find enough details corresponding to the same.